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School Name Change

We have recently been charged with leading a historic event in our school history; working together as a school community to rename our site.  At a Santa Rosa City Schools' (SRCS) Board of Education meeting this summer, it was requested that we change the name of our school site. As outlined in the revised SRCS Board Policy, this will be an inclusive process, which will involve input from our school community. 

An important part of this process involves the development of a Community Advisory Committee, which assists with renaming of our school. The role of the Community Advisory Committee will be to review the Facilities Naming request forms and develop a list of names for the Board’s consideration and provide background on the names recommended to the Board. Please note, the SRCS Board of Education has the final responsibility for naming the facilities.

Our Site's Community Advisory Committee Members:

  • Lorez Bailey, Chop’s Teen Club 

  • Debi Cardozo, Luther Burbank Elementary School Principal

  • William Deedy, Kiwanis of Santa Rosa

  • Jeff Elliot, Santa Rosa History 

  • Angel Flores, Luther Burbank Elementary School Parent Representative 

  • Griselda Gil, Luther Burbank Elementary School DELAC Representative 

  • Ross Hause. Luther Burbank Elementary School Teacher

  • Jessica Hoover, Sonoma County Library

  • Nerina Lily, Luther Burbank Elementary School Office Manager

  • Lindsay Reichmuth, Luther Burbank Elementary School Counselor

  • Barbara Solis, Santa Rosa High School Student

  • Rachel Spaeth, Luther Burbank Home and Gardens

Upcoming Community Advisory Committee Meeting: 

Slide Deck from the Meeting on May 7, 2021: Presentation Link

Below are a few articles if you'd like to read more about Luther Burbank and we encourage you to talk to your teacher and family about Luther Burbank and other influential people in history: 

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Please review the slides that were shared and discussed during our site's School Name Change Webinar on January 27, 2021: 

School Name Change Webinar Presentation